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When you fight: To test a theory, or when you don’t care about the outcome. You’d rather have everyone just get along than constantly fight about silly stuff.

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If someone is critical of you (and you know you’re at fault), you’ll either own up to it or tell them exactly what they want to hear to stop the fighting ASAP.

If your feelings are truly hurt or your pride is wounded, you are often rash in your reaction, sometimes blunt in your assessments.

INTPYou’re a liiiiiittle bit of a know-it-all, and won’t hesitate to tell someone they’re incorrect, especially during stimulating conversations. You act like everyone’s friend and the life of the party while quietly internalizing criticisms, setbacks, and hurt feelings that build up over time.

You’ll ask cool, collected questions to expose the problems in others’ arguments — or sometimes get unnecessarily technical about accuracy, which can make those around you upset. This can sometimes result in a blow-up or meltdown at an inopportune moment, when your feelings demand to be voiced and heard.

When you fight: Only when you’re at the very end of your long fuse.

ESTPYou occasionally debate for sport among your friends, but you dislike emotionally fueled arguments.

Learning to navigate around others’ sensitivities, and not have so much ego, will go a long way.

When you fight: Casual debates or when someone wounds your pride.

ENTJIf something is important to you, you have an opinion on it — and you’re always positive it’s the right one.

When it comes to arguments, you’re equally as sure, and are usually stuck in your own POV, needing to “win” before the issue is settled.

You do speak up, however, if you feel someone is being purposely difficult and exacerbating a problem, or if someone is intentionally misrepresenting themselves for personal gain.

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