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Chavis revealed that they are together in an Instagram collage, in which one photo showed them locking lips.

Akon took to the photo that was posted on The Shaderoom and threw a little shade at Bow Wow.

"Better take care of your girl before an African does," he commented.

never mind hahahah" Do you think Future will respond?

Check out the tweet above along with pictures of Joie Chavis.

To others, it's his newfound status as a man who is constantly taking L's on social media for his questionable antics, from his private jet stunting to his recent Death Row portrait fakery.

However, whatever lane you feel he fits in best, there's one title that no one (except of course the rapper himself) is tacking onto his public persona: dating guru. Moss is now apparently in the business of giving advice to men about women, publishing a new video to his Instagram page using the hashtag #Keep It Playa Thursdays.

It turns out that Chavis is dating Abou Thiam, the brother of mega rapper and producer Akon.

Thiam has also made a pretty strong name in the music game for himself.

The woman of interest here is named Joie Chavis and she is a model with a pretty sizable social media following. Over the past few weeks, rumors have been swirling around regarding Future and Chavis's relationship but a video of Joie and Future on her birthday where Hendrix gifted his new chick with a Rolex made its way online which prompted a pretty shady tweet from Bow Wow.

"Had your girl in the islands "and you aint een know it" but she kissing you with the same mouth...

Still, whether you believe it or not, it got the people of the internet talking.

To some fans, it's his boyhood career that saw him release some successful R&B/hip-hop singles and expand his profile to film and TV.

Just as Bow Wow (whose real name is Shad Moss) has insisted that he's Team Joie, she's made it clear she doesn't plan on sparking a romance with him again.

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