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American Legions and Churches all over the area have Friday Fish Fries, a lot of them are all you can eat and they charge upwards of .

So why in the hell would any waste their money at Uncle Bucks/Bass Pro.

From the looks of it, this restaurant is feeling the backlash of smaller portions and the changes in the menu, because when we left there was only one customer in the restaurant drinking and over priced beer.

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He said “he had no control over the management decision and that a number of customers complained about the same”.

Then the poor waitress had to be confronted the for the same reason.

For some reason Bass Pro shop who I always thought was a family driven store, seems to find it perfectly acceptable to tell me what is good for me and my family, and has decided upon themselves to make the decisions which effect my home.

Pitiful excuses and a sure sign of the direction the corporation is taking Reply We just came from your Harlingen TX Uncle Bucks Restaurant where brought a very group of our friends for a Fish & Chips dinner .

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Bought and paid for and had receipt in hand waiting for the store to ready a atv.

.99 for this item would be bad if the shrimp were of a decent size.

Reorders were waste of time you are limited to 5 more minuscule pieces.

This is the 5th largest merger in US history and was so complicated that the companies hired no less than 13 banks and law firms to ensure the deal went smoothly.

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