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During peak traffic spikes like this, we want to be able to utilize all the pooled connections.

inserting username password to database n validating them in php-43

max Age defines the time in milliseconds that a connection can be open/established.

When a connection is returned to the pool, if the connection has been connected and the time it was first connected is longer than the max Age value, it will be closed.

This query is easy for the database to parse, doesn't require any disk access.

The is Valid call is scheduled to be implemented but the pool, intended to be used with Apache Tomcat 6, must also preserve Java 5 compatibility.

However, for applications using connections very frequently for short periods of time, this has a severe impact on performance.

The two other configuration options: are not really that helpful, as they do test the connection, but at the wrong time.

The better solution is to test connections that have not been tested for a while.

In this configuration, connections would be validated, but no more than every 30 seconds.

posted by fhanik on April 1, 2010 PM In this article we will focus on configuration of the high-concurrency connection pool.

For ease of migration for Tomcat users, the configuration has been written to mimic that of Commons DBCP.

It's a compromise between performance and connection validation.

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