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He said Denzel Washington and Dick Clark are from there too. Howard said he doesn't want to help out his hometown of Roosevelt. He said that he should just be seen there pushing a shopping cart like it's no big deal.

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am After the break they played a ''Brent Hatley: Modern Day Oracle'' bit, a Baba Booey Christmas song parody, a Lenny Dykstra message to Robin about eating her pussy for the holidays, Taylor Swift's ''We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together,'' a ''Scott Salem Bowling Show'' bit where he gives tips on bowling, a phony phone call the guys made to a Chinese restaurant using clips of Robin speaking Klingon, a Richard Simmons ''Gary!

He said he has a book out called ''The Book of Leon: Philosophy of a Fool.'' Howard said J.

Howard asked if he's picking this stuff out himself.

He said you put the bra on the bed and the panties on the bed.

said if he has to get away from some bullshit going on he'll hop on a horse though.

Howard said his wife dresses and her friends wear the same things the next day. said he has regular ass friends that he can go visit. Howard said he's thinking they could have a spin off from that show. Howard said it would take him a lot of time to look that good. He said he will tell them they look fucked up and help them out. Howard said he thinks the supermarket burned down there though. Howard said he doesn't want to be that guy who gets his ass beat by another old man.

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