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It’s run by “People’s Postcode Lottery” who manages society lotteries on behalf of charitable bodies.

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The site simply draws your attention to so many other things, it was hard to get the basics!

Postcode Lottery has their telephone number all over their site.

According to the website’s official regulations, all winnings are transferred directly to the player’s bank account.

Still, many people have experienced problems with delays or not receiving their money at all.

People can also sign up for regular emails for Postcode Lottery news, updates and results.

Most complaints about Postcode Lottery were about the fact that some lottery representatives call at inappropriate hours or inconvenient times [].

Getting around the Postcode Lottery’s site is painful.

The information is scattered all of the place with no one location that provides a summary of what they offer.

Too many words are made up in bold, so reading is a chore.

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