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During this evolution in care, cosmetic surgeries on intersex children’s genitals have become highly controversial within the medical community.Most medical practitioners now acknowledge that in some cases parents may prefer to leave their child’s body intact as a way of preserving the person’s health, sexual function, fertility options, autonomy, and dignity.

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But I want to be like nature made me.” Over time and with support and pressure from advocates, some medical norms have evolved.

Today, intersex children and their families often consult a team of specialists, and not just a surgeon.

He said no, so she waited in the parking lot until he left that night, broke in, and stole them.

I just sat in the parking lot and didn’t even read them at first—I just put them in date order,” Ruth said.

These operations include clitoral reduction surgeries—procedures that reduce the size of the clitoris for cosmetic reasons.

Such surgery carries the risk of pain, nerve damage, and scarring.

And the second thing was: these fucking bastards lied to me all the time, there are other people out there like me. I was totally enraged that that had been kept from me.

Why would you deliberately try to make a person feel like a freak? I’ve got the knowledge and they can’t hide it from me, I can protect myself now. Did she know this and was part of a keep-it-from-Ruth thing? He said her mother had asked him not to tell Ruth, and that he was “just following the standards of care.” Ruth said: “That was when I realized that this way I was treated was never about me—it was about my doctor and my parents and everyone feeling uncomfortable with how my body was….

In some cases, doctors instructed parents to conceal the diagnosis and treatment from the child, instilling feelings of shame in parents and children both.

Many intersex people did not learn about their conditions until they accessed their medical files as adults—sometimes as late as in their 50s.

Some intersex traits—such as atypical external genitalia—are apparent at birth.

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