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When I described this phenomenon to her, she said, “Oh, so you’re snooping. (She’s a genius.) So in real life, I’m not a snooper. I know a woman who dated a popular, eligible bachelor from You mean you just poke your nose into his private business? In my forty-five years, I’ve never read a man’s email, checked his phone, looked up anything on him. She was smitten with him like so many other women stumbling across his alluring profile. As they began their courting process, she continued to “visit” him, and seeing his activity (or inactivity, in this case) gave her comfort and confidence in what they were building.When you go online and you see he’s not connecting with you, but instead, he’s connecting with other women, you lose. when you’re looking at the ones you don’t like that much.

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You might think looking at him online isn’t that big a deal. The truth is, it’s not going to help your situation. It’s one of the things that drive women off a site, away from online dating, and even drive off the man.

Most men use dating site apps for their smartphone.

You think maybe if you reread that profile again, you’ll learn something new. I didn’t tell him I was leaving it and I didn’t ask him to either. I did this because left to my own devices, I was untrustworthy.

Plus, when you visit his profile, you feel connected, and that makes you all warm and fuzzy, right? As a woman, one thing that makes us feel safe loved, and sane is a connection with the people we care about.

After the drop and drag, go get yourself a bigger life.

Use that time you’d spend stalking him to go to a café and read a book, take a hike, see a film, or have drinks with girlfriends. You’re curious, and your brain wants to gather as much information about him as possible. And how I ended the craziness is by going off the site completely. He has qualities you admire and he’s totally sexy, too. Here comes the hardest part: After the first date, you’re going to want to visit him online. So you do a drive-by online and notice his status says “ONLINE NOW.” Instantly you experience a moment of terror. Unbeknownst to anyone else, I’d become a lunatic, mostly because I wasn’t getting the attention I needed from him.I believe wholeheartedly that in this case, ignorance bliss. Some sites are smart enough to charge you for a privacy feature, so you have to pay them to stalk privately.Do you really want to make a dating site rich because you can’t control your impulses? The last time I encountered this problem I was two months (and seven dates) into seeing a man I was wild about.

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