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Previous Rule: If you owned a parcel of land which contained two or more lots, the calculations for setbacks and distances were limited to each block of land.

For example, if you owned a block of land which contained two smaller lots with two six-metre wide lots, you didn’t qualify under the Affordable Rental Housing SEPP legislation.

The new SEPP sees a myriad of new changes to the Exempt and Complying Development SEPP and (to a lesser degree) the Affordable Rental Housing SEPP.

This latter SEPP now works more closely (particularly in it’s definitions) and in combination with the ‘Exempt and Complying Development SEPP’.

Where a lot adjoined a laneway, you could build a studio between 45 sq. There are some positive changes for inner-city developers wanting a detached studio above an existing garage or built to the rear boundary though.

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At the time of writing this article, it works but has no usability for granny flat developments; only general housing.

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Previous Rule: Under the old SEPP legislation, if your site was under 450 sq.

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