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(1) Multiple Commentaries on a Specific Verse from ALBERT BARNES Notes on Psalms Comments generally verse by verse and will be retrieved in the "Psalms Verse by Verse Tool" Spurgeon: "Thoroughly good.

Using these notes constantly, we more and more struck with their value.

There are outlines, devotional questions, quotations from other sources, practical application.

This is a relatively modern work which was published in June, 2000.

Spurgeon: "As a Father he is beyond ordinary criticism, or we would venture to say that he is too frequently mystical, and confounds plain texts.

No theological library is complete without this work, for there are grand thoughts in it like huge nuggets of Australian gold." Spurgeon: "A highly valuable work.

It first appeared in 1827 and continues to be published.

Bridges (1794–1869) has a way of relating the truth to other parts of Scripture and to the spiritual life that reflects a profound grasp of things.Recommended (The Minister’s Library) David Malick comments on Allen P Ross' work on “Psalms” In The Bible Knowledge Commentary: "This commentary is a must to purchase some day, not only for Psalms, but to have a good, evangelical, one-volume commentary on all of the Old Testament.Ross is especially helpful in his introduction to the book and his synthetic discussion of each Psalm.Nevertheless, it is helpful in its extensive discussion of each Psalm.The Hebrew text is referred to, but not to the degree that it would not be a useful source for the one without Hebrew." (Selected Bibliography) Spurgeon: "A rich volume, dropping fatness. Having read and re-read it, we can speak of its holy savor and suggestiveness.Merrill Unger writes that "Those who desire to know what the Word of God says and have the call of God upon their lives to expound it will find "The Minister's Library" indispensable.

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