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Some have no [email protected], which is required by the mail standard.

Some won't remove the bogus email address even after being contacted.

So, the Left/media wants you to uphold government schools as the protective authority that prevents harm to children and assures them a strong education." for posts/links to stories about miscreant school teachers/staff and public education failures.

The reason for this is because the activist Left and mainstream media (yes, that's a redundancy) in North Carolina, following the case of the disappearance of Erica Parsons, launched a narrative that because she was allegedly homeschooled, that there was insufficient oversight of her care.

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The very authority that was supposed to be the agent of government to protect children had hired a wack-job as chief caretaker.

It may not be of commercial nature, but it is of political nature, which is just as bad if not worse.

(This after I told them I was offended by their email).

The mother -- who was legal guardian over the boy and accused of handcuffing him to her front porch and putting a dead chicken around his neck -- claimed to be "homeschooling" him.

There's only one problem with that excuse -- Wanda Sue Larson, his "mother" and guardian, was a Department of Social Services supervisor.

The weather is really nice and sunny, so she is thinking about something light.

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