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Easily accessible by airplane, train, car or bicycle :). Everything is SAFE, clean and responsible with a lot of fun and super horny! If you are not sure about coming, don't send me the questionnaire. Only send the application form if you are serious about and ready to surrender yourself for an extended training.

Unfortunately I cannot meet everyone who gets in touch - strangely, I have a life outside this, so time is sometimes limited. 2.) Only make an appointment when a clear face picture has been exchanged by both parties (without sunglasses, cap or any other camouflage).

I always need to see a recent photograph (and not just a cock or arse shot) of you before committing to a meeting so I know what/who to expect to meet. Would you prefer the play to be normal, exciting or super-exciting? Would you want to game to be: soft / medium / hard / up to my limits / over my limits? Tell me your fantasies and what toys do you have yourself? Tell me what you do not want under any circumstances, where are you averse towards? 3.) Only make an appointment after having made telephone contact.

If you agree to these terms you can mail the form today. Should it take you longer, you have already a reason to think twice before sending it. A few tips: Making an appointment for a BDSM-game is almost always based on a certain fear, a tension and trust and many people kick on the tension of the contact prior to a session and will never go that far as to make an actual appointment, the so called fakers and paper jerk/off’s.

Without a duly filled out form I never agree to a meeting. Extended information, tips and photo’s can be found below this mail. Only 2 times a month I can make time for a long session in my BDSM-Bunker. 1.) Only make an appointment if there is a good feeling of mutual trust.

Please don't send anything old or unrepresentative - satisfies no-one, and may result in the session getting aborted! I also need a mobile number for contact in case of problems leading up to a meeting. If you are unwilling to trust me with these, how can you trust me to tie you and keep you in the most vulnerable situations? 4.) Do not waste your time on those who react in a defensive way and do not react in an adequate way upon making a concrete appointment.

Everyone gets only one chance to fill in my questionnaire well and honestly. Master Rambo Any questions: telephone: 31 655963788 (The 2 bunkers/dungeons are in the woods and easy to reach. Experience learned that those who are eager to come always react quickly and adequately and come to terms for a session in a short period of time.They are nearby Emmerich (NRW) and Arnhem, Netherlands, only 100 meters from the German border) زی در پیش داریم لازم اتكون رجولي ابشكلك ----------- 1. Often I receive a lot of requests from Masters as well as slave for a (severe) examination, for exciting sessions. What dates (also weekly days) / times are you free for an exiting and long session? Are there any more important details you would like to draw attention to?The installation of my playroom and all preparations takes me at least 3 hours and I need no time wasters.This is the reason I only agree to an appointment after receipt of a clear face picture, telephone number and a first telephone conversation.That is the reason I have chosen for a personal approach in order to comply as much as possible with the desires, limits and fantasies of the slave during the sessions.

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