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Her parents take her to several psychologicalists who, convinced that she has gone nutso, send her to a mental institution.

While there, she creates a world where everything is okay, and she still has her precious real butter.

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Chapter three of the AU humor/parody fic "Dudley Dursley's Sassy Gay Friend" has Dudley running across a strange, Gothic girl's memoirs (rather than a Harry Potter fanfic) called "My Immortal" on the internet while attempting to do research on homosexuality in order to better understand his flamboyantly gay cousin.

Based on the fact that Ebony claims to be bisexual but never has any sexual relations with any girls while getting with practically every guy she sees, Dudley comes to the conclusion that Ebony is actually straight but that she considers being "Bisezual" a "Goff" thing.

This troper was part of the gothic scene in germany quite a while and can perfectly imagine a parody going overboard like this.

Many Goths just love Harry Potter, as well as hating posers and preps, the combination is genius.

Therefore, her repressed It explains why there doesn't seem to be any kind of logic in the universe of the fanfic.

The timeline didn't start bifurcating when Enoby went back in time, though.

A new account with a very Tara-esqe written sequel, X Hot N Heavy Goffz 666 X, also uploaded the original story, including the hacked chapter.

So we may have an amazing Tara impersonator, or we may have the real Tara returned and refreshed after a long break. Notice how every error becomes more exaggerated after chapter thirty-nine, and all the names switch back.

Tragically, she is too insane to truly appreciate the depths of what she'd done, because she is now, in mind if not in body, completely Tara Gilesbie.

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