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Cast: Winona Ryder, Christian Slater, Shannen Doherty, Lisanne Falk, Kim Walker, Penelope Milford."Youth Cinema and the Culture of Rebellion: Heathers and the Rebel Archetype." In: Rebel without a cause : approaches to a maverick masterwork / J.A divorced mother and her teenaged daughter lead equally wild lifestyles.

Meanwhile, the girl's newspaper reporter boyfriend investigating the prostitution ring is set up for a fall with the police, by the crooked businessman who hopes to make the girl his own.

Two childhood friends grow up and go their separate ways--one a criminal and the other a parish priest.

As the residents of sorority house Pi Kappa Sig prepare for the festive season, a demonic stranger begins to stalk the house.

But as fast as their romance builds, it's threatened by the painful reality of peer pressure.

The younger sister of one of the beauticians falls under the unwanted gaze of the lecherous businessman.

Cast: James Cagney, Pat O'Brien, Humphrey Bogart, Ann Sheridan, George Bancroft, the "Dead End" Kids (Bowery Boys).

Cast: Fabian, Diane Mc Bain, Patty Mc Cormack, Kevin Coughlin.

Grogg, Jr Chicago : Nelson-Hall, c1982 (Main Stack PN1993.5.

Special DVD features: The first time: "The making of 'Pretty in pink'" featurette; "Zoids and Richies" featurette; "Prom queen: All about Molly" featurette; "Volcanic ensembles" featurette; "Prom stories" featurette; Favorite scenes; Commentary by director Howard Deutch; Wrap up: The epilogue; Photo gallery; The original ending: The lost dance.

He cajoles, pushes, wheedles, needles, threatens and inspires 18 kids to become math whizzes.

Daisy must then come to terms with her new found fame and the 1930's Hollywood star treatment.

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