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According to my smart phone, we were going to have five or six straight nights in the high teens. Bougainvillea can’t begin to survive in this and we have lots of it. Went to PHX and our weekday highs are going to be low 70s, night lows, high 40’s. That two-minute scare took the edge off my non-Christmas mood, but I’m still in it.

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With all of that trial and error and trend analysis our brain takes on what appears to be an ability to actually “think”.

However, it is really just us using the experiences and stored observations subliminally passed down by our ancestors to apply logic to many situations.

He’s our number one, most serious problem, yet the possibility of having stolen a kiss in high school making headlines has Congressmen giving up their seats. In the meantime, I haven’t seen one single news story about how Texas, Florida and the Islands are recovering from the storms.

Right across the board, the media, the government and, it seems, the population, really suck at setting priorities. The sun just came out and I'm going out in the shop. And put on your thinking caps (I’m going to prove we aren’t actually thinking) and read the following essay Don’t try to continue reading without soaking it in or nothing I say will make any sense, assuming it ever does.

The liberals even pummeled Matt Damon, himself a hyper liberal, when he pointed out the error of equating a pat on the butt with out-and-out rape.

Trump always leads the news cycles, which are usually tied to his often-unnecessary tweets and the palace intrigue within the White House.

And some is because we’ve had overly cool weather (for us, a high of 65 is close to being intolerable), which makes me miserable. But, my trusty i Phone weather service said today would be in the high 30’s, which isn’t unheard of here but is very rare. My mind was racing as I was trying to remember where I put the little heaters I have for the water pipes that are exposed outside the house. A little background, which I’m certain I’ve mentioned before: it is standard practice throughout Phoenix, especially in older homes like mine (1974), for water lines to be exposed. Many have water lines running across their flat roofs.

This morning I was looking at the weather for the day on my phone while I was taking care of a morning ritual and couldn’t believe what our week was going to look like. Then I noticed the entire week was going to have lows in the high teens. I’ve only seen a hard freeze, in the ‘20s, three nights since I’ve been here. And they’re talking about six days of high TEENS at night! My main water line comes out of the ground a foot in front of the house and then goes inside a foot up the wall. When we had the three nights of hard freezes about ten years ago, every plumber in town was driving a Mercedes two weeks later. Then I looked at the top of the phone screen—I had accidentally switched it to Newark.

The opening line of the essay says, “The cognitive scientist Daniel Dennet believes our brains are machines made of billions of tiny ‘robots’ – our neurons, or brain cells.” So, the author asks, “Is the human mind really that special?

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