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More than a month after parting with £217 (making each 'treatment' £72 compared with the £200 average a trained professional charges in Britain), a small package arrived from the Ukraine.The sender's address was a post office in Odessa and it was marked as containing bio-degradable substances in Russian to ease its passage through Customs.

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Instead, I was told to send the $321 to a woman called Olga Pascaru in Chisinau, Moldova. If Western Union asks you about purpose of sending money tell them that are for your relatives (family) or for a friend in need (they do not allow sending money for commercial purposes).' This is far from the truth.

But Western Union staff are trained to warn customers against sending money to people they don't know.

Botox, facial 'fillers', unlicensed 'fat-melting' jabs and banned skin-lightening creams are all available.

And what the thousands of people who buy such products fail to grasp is that if something goes wrong - a distinct possibility in this medical twilight world - you're on your own.

Inside were three glass vials, each containing a small tablet of supposed Botox.

Unlike the liquid you see in surgeries, the poison is actually shipped in solid form before water is added by the practitioner administering the dose.

It is commonly used as evidence to support the idea that major wars are simply a tool of a secret elite society called the Illuminati, who are out to destroy Christianity and usher in a Satanic New World Order.

Not all proponents of the letter’s authenticity are Christian or adherents of the Satanic New World Order theory, but the common thread that unifies them is the belief that wars and events on the geopolitical chessboard are pre-planned in order to carry out secret agendas.

The companies which sell what they claim to be genuine products often go to extraordinary lengths to remain anonymous - and therefore unaccountable.

They hide behind a carefully constructed web of secrecy, offering buyers no phone number and no address - no contact details at all, in fact.

When you attempt to find out who owns the website, you receive a front company's details instead of the real owner's.

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