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No medical student should be without access to this wonderful resource.Public Database of Human Cancers -- World Health Organization Stanford Surgical Pathology Criteria -- probably the best resource for the practicing surgical pathologist in an increasingly difficult specialty Medscape Pathology -- mostly clinical medicine, the best "daily news" of the medical world Pathology Resident Wiki Human Pathlogy -- growing resource Surgical Pathology Atlas -- lots of photos Pathology Education Instructional Resource -- U.When a discovery proves to square with the observable world, scientists make reputations by confirming it, and corporations are soon making profits from it.

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Special thanks to my friend and colleague, Charles Wheeler M. If you're a private individual who's enjoyed this site, and want to say, "Thank you, Ed!

", then what I'd like best is a contribution to the Episcopalian home for abandoned, neglected, and abused kids in Nevada: I've spent time there and they are good. My home page More of my notes My medical students Especially if you're looking for information on a disease with a name that you know, here are a couple of great places for you to go right now and use Medline, which will allow you to find every relevant current scientific publication.

Welcome to Ed's Pathology Notes, placed here originally for the convenience of medical students at my school.

You need to check the accuracy of any information, from any source, against other credible sources.

If you ask me about something like this, I will simply invite you to do some tests yourself, perhaps as a high-school science project. Perhaps it'll be you who makes the next great discovery!

Our world is full of people who have found peace, fulfillment, and friendship by suspending their own reasoning and simply accepting a single authority that seems wise and good."Patterns": Kidney #'s 1-40 "Glomeruli": Kidney #'s 78-172 "Tubulointerstitial": Metabolic #'s 82-92; Kidney #'s 41-53, 63-77, 173-179, 192-204, 220-240 "Hypertension / Tumors / Stones": Kidney #'s 54-62, 180-191, 205-219 One thing that makes kidney pathology so hard is that many of the words sound alike.Here are the most troublesome words: Collagenized glomeruli: These glomeruli have been obliterated by dense type I collagen.Mention the various casts that may appear in the urine in health and disease, and what they mean.NOTE: For changes in blood chemistry (blood urea nitrogen, creatinine, creatinine clearance, etc.), see my unit on renal function testing I also have a unit on urinalysis.If you need me, send me an E-mail at [email protected] confidentiality is completely respected. I send my most challenging questions to the medical student pathology interest group, minus the name, but with your E-mail where you can receive a reply.

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