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Abort 73: An online resource designed to creatively and comprehensively educate students about the injustice of abortion, and provide them with simple tools to help pass that education along to others.Abstinence Clearinghouse: Promotes the appreciation for and practice of sexual abstinence.

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Pro-Life Physicians: If you have not found a local pro-life physician in our list, you may also discover pro-life physicians at the Christian Medical Assn., the American Association of Pro-Life Ob/Gyns, the Catholic Medical Assn., or the Hippocratic Registry. J., the Catholic League defends the right of Catholics - lay and clergy alike - to participate in American public life without defamation or discrimination National Office of Post Abortion Reconciliation and Healing: The National Office of Post-Abortion Reconciliation and Healing, Inc.

Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights: The Catholic League is the nation's largest Catholic civil rights organization. networks researchers and psychotherapeutic professionals working in the field within the U. and abroad, consults on the formation of post-abortion support services within secular and religious settings, including Project Rachel, provides.

One More Soul: Fostering God's plan for Love, chastity, marriage, sex and children.

The Medical Institute for Sexual Health: Because it's not just about sex anymore. Adopt-a-Life Ministries: This effort seeks to create a database of one million Christian families who are willing to adopt a newborn, to create a network of counselors and other praiseworthy initiatives.

In addition members can participate in the larger wellness challenge through our inspirational wellness tools: wellness tracker, friend reminders, mood mapping and sending kudos.

On occasion everyone feels sad or blue, but these feelings are usually temporary –lasting only a few days. Our lovely homes are nestled within our charming 54-acre campus, complete with convenient amenities, including walking paths, an outdoor gazebo, bocce ball court and raised gardens. That’s why our residents say Situated amid Union County’s scenic landscape, Buffalo Valley Lutheran Village is just minutes from Bucknell University and downtown Lewisburg – affording you the opportunity to enjoy specialty shops, a community library and a farmer’s market – as well as many other activities and events within central Information for research on Euthanasia, Physician-Assisted Suicide, Living Wills and Mercy Killing Nightingale Alliance: To promote compassionate, medical, emotional, and social care at the end of life, allowing each individual to be treated with respect until natural death occurs, and to oppose the life-ending acts of physician-assisted suicide and euthanasia.DADS: Inspiring and assisted Christian men to be responsible and loving father and husbands.Chastity, Abstinence & Dating: Education and encouragement.

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