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I heard a guy enter the booth next to me and then looked down and saw the hole in the wall that the guy online had told me about.

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This time the guy was unzipping his pants and pulling out his limp dick.

I figured what the hell and ran my finger around the hole again.

I sucked him into my mouth as deep as I could and left him there so that I could enjoy the feeling of his cock pulsing on my tongue as he shot what I found to be a very tasty treat into my mouth.

I was kind of bummed that it was over as he pulled his cock away from me and back through the hole.

I finally swallowed his load as I heard him open his door and leave.

I sat there for a couple of minutes and watched the movie as it began to sink in that there was no turning back. I stood up and reached for the doorknob when I heard the sound of the next booth opening again. It was an older guy with a beard who was trying to see what I looked like.

I especially like to turn on the slow motion and watch a guys member twitching and shooting a nice big load over some girls face.

I guess I had thought about what it would be like to see that up close and personal many of those times, but I had never acted on it.

I sat there enjoying the taste of his cum in my mouth as I watched him clean his cock off with a napkin and pull his pants up.

He then reached his hand through the hole and handed me the rest of his tokens (Something more people should do).

It was a little bigger then mine but that isn't hard to do since I am only 6 inches myself.

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