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She hung there dreaming of her mistress, hoping she would satisfy her tonight with her performance.She felt the moisture build between her legs as she thought of how good it felt to perform well for her mistress."I am a slut." As she reached to knock on the door she could see that it was already open. As if on autopilot, she made her way through the house to the garage.

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"This is to keep me from leaving and visible marks on your back." Jen wanted to ask, "visible marks from what," but she knew better than that. The pain was instantaneous as she felt what must be a riding crop across her legs and back. In between strikes Donna's fingers found their way to Jennifer's moistened pussy. " "please mistress let me cum." "I don't think you want to cum bad enough." "Mistress please let me cum! She moved quickly across the room and removed the thick feeldo from her bag and plunged it into her soaked pussy by the cock end. She moved in front of Jennifer and offered her ass and pussy, which Jennifer happily indulged, plunging her tongue as deep into both as she was capable, sucking her mistress off to several powerful orgasms. "Donna, I didn't expect to see you here tonight." The ruddily handsome contractor said to her. She rode him like a cowgirl, but needed to make it clear to the group that she wanted more.

She rubbed and spanked until Jennifer connected both feelings. As she looked longing upon the spent body of her charge she fucked herself mercilessly to a powerful orgasm. Moments later Jen felt Donna's soft hands grab her firmly on each side of her hips. (Part two of this story includes an even more fictional inclusion of men. "I um, came to make sure that the property was ready for tomorrow." "Oh I see." He said with an ironic smile. " one of the men hollered Clearly the sound was coming from near the garage. As she rode him, she reached her hand back and slipping to fingers inside began to fuck her ass earnestly.

Session one and two had been brutal, passionate, humiliating, fulfilling, abusive and satisfying.

Her butt still held the mark of their last session and as she approached the door she thought of it.

She hung there feeling the tingling in her butt and praying for more. Soon orgasm after orgasm splashed across her body as her mind moved further and further from her body. Jennifer collapsed, kept aloft only by her shackles. There she saw for trucks parked outside with six of more well dressed guys gathered around talking actively and with animation. " Donna ran quickly and grabbed her long jacket and sprang towards the door. " Leaving Jennifer dangling, she burst from the garage and raced to the front door. " Donna was shocked by the question and the calmness in her voice. She allowed her legs to part wide and penetrated herself with her free hand pushing herself to a shattering orgasm.

She felt Donna laying fabric of some kind down on her back. Tell me how much you need to cum" "Mistress, please let me fucking cum! Donna was not through with her; not be a long shot. " Finally, Donna dropped to her knees behind Jennifer and sucked her pussy off to a final hard orgasm. As Donna watched in horror they pointed to the garage and then began to walk towards the front door. She met the group of men as they were just coming into the house. Jennifer was released from the shackles, but her body as not released from its desires. One of the guys laid on the ground and she was quickly thrust upon him.

"And yet you replied only twice and sent no other messages" "Yes" Jennifer said, recognizing her mistress was displeased. "You do as I tell you, when I tell you if you want to be my slut! " "Yes, mistress." "I am going to have to make you pay for your insolence. " "Yes, mistress." Once again the room was mostly silent except for the slight sound of Donna walking around behind her. "If you change your mind, just let us know." Donna backed away with a front row seat on the action. Not reluctant at all she pushed back against it urgent to have it in her.

"I expect you to not only reply when I contact you, but to regularly tell me of desires you are having for me." "Yes, I am sorry mistress." "Further, as we have discussed, I expect you to fuck yourself thinking of me daily. Suddenly, and without warning Jennifer felt the Crack of the paddle on her ass. Her ass throbbed immediately, but she only winced and made no sound. The men removed their pants and circled around Jen's prone figure. He did not disappoint as he buried his tool as deep as possible into her.

The kisses were placed gently on her shoulders, then arms, then back and neck.

The goose pimples raised across her flesh as her lust was caught in her throat.

She was ready to give herself completely to her slut nature tonight.

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