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Though confused by her cheerful demeanor, Hope initially turns to Vanille for emotional support and protection as she comforts him on the horrid situation he's plunged into.He later depends on Lightning as a surrogate mother figure and mentor when he comes to idolize her and tries to follow her example.What's interesting to note is that C Violent Felonies are often charged if a B Violent Felony is committed.

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Maybe he stole a watch or something from the woman's house...

Hope is a normal boy from a normal family whose childhood on Cocoon can best be described as uneventful.

He chooses to journey with Lightning to become stronger and learn to survive as they fight to save the world.

In Final Fantasy XIII-2, the adult Hope is the director of the research institute called the Academy, and he helps Lightning's sister, Serah, and Noel in their quest to save the future.

Besides coming from an upper class family and having little knowledge of how the world works, Hope has no battle experience and fears confrontation, and thus tries to flee from a fight when he has the chance.

Hope is also shown to be very smart and insightful, able to deduce things from his observations.

If every time Perry entered the woman's home, he did so under a false identity, that could possibly be classified as not only a parole violation but felony impersonation, which is what he was charged with in July.

But burglary usually involves the attempt of theft, so who knows?

She only found out Perry's true identity after posting an Instagram photo of the two of them on vacation in the Carolinas.

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