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Everyone imagines what their first conversation with their soulmate would be, but Derek still didn't know how he'd ever respond to "I’ll give you twenty dollars to allow me to pretend to suck your dick and an extra twenty if you pretend that I’m the best you’ve ever had because my douchebag of an ex is in this shitty bar and when I caught him cheating he blamed it on my horrific blowjob skills." The 90s Rom Com AU nobody asked for.When Geoff makes a deal with his roommate Ryan in the hopes of making a little extra cash for himself, it takes a while for him to realize that he may be in way over his head when he meets the guy he's supposed to date then dump.

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Stiles and Derek get married in Vegas to apply for a newlywed game show.

It's just supposed to be for a couple of moths while they wait for the application to go through and then long enough to win a trip to the Caribbean, but you might have guessed things don't always go to plan.

considering she all but insinuated he had sexually assaulted her.

We're told De Mario doesn't want this getting twisted -- he's single ...

When Max had said she would do anything for her best friend, she meant climb the highest mountain, swim the deepest sea, protect her from harm with only her fists and her wits; she hadn't been prepared to look Jane's terrifying father in the eye and lie about being deeply in love with her over Christmas yams. A "We have to pretend to date over Christmas to get my parents off my back" f/f love story in three parts.

Christmas is the worst time to be miserably single.

College junior Rick Grimes is on his own for the first time, moving onto campus to get the full college experience complete with a new roommate: full-time pain in the ass, Negan.

Rick resigns himself to a semester of keeping his head down, but as he starts feeling the distance from the life and friends he's always known, he finds himself more and more drawn toward Negan, and realizes that he's been clinging to the past for far too long.

Kravitz just needed someone to pretend to be his boyfriend so his mothers would stop trying to set him up at their Candlenights party, but when he runs into Taako at the very same Candlenights party it requires some quick acting on their part. I think Lee should discover what she is up to and side with her.

Taako thought that he would just have fun for one night, pretend to be high class, and then move on with his life, but then Kravitz shows up in his life unexpectedly again, and this time he's doesn't have anywhere else to go. I am not tineyninja but I love her fic.“You look exhausted.

We shoot the pictures and video ourselves which means it's unique.

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