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There won’t be any need of opening the application most of the times. Facebook is another app that uses this feature mostly.

Flipboard is another important app which is widely useful to the most users.

It displays the latest news as flash in the live tile itself.

It is mostly attractive to see the display of the app in extra large format which is introduced with the Windows 8.1.

If you are a headline reader who reads the headlines mostly, then it will be worth to check this tile frequently to see the news.

The main advantage of this Windows app is that the news are arranged as tile format inside the App with date and time sorted format.

So every news irrespective of the publisher will be appearing as tiles and it is much useful when compared to its Android app where the news are coming categorized by publisher.One of the main app which uses the Live Tile function from the initial days itself is the Accuweather app.It gives the weather prediction and the important messages in the live tile itself.While saying about live tiles, Microsoft apps are showing us the potential of this feature and how it is used.Most of the Microsoft apps are fully enabled with this function.Here we will find some Windows 8 or 8.1 apps currently utilizing Live Tile feature better.

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