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1957 Treaties of Rome establish the European Economic Community (EEC) and the European Atomic Energy Community (Euratom).

1958 First session of the European Parliamentary Assembly held in Strasbourg, France.

June: European Council in Fontainebleau agrees on the amount of rebate to be granted to the UK.

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May: in a second referendum, Danes vote in favour of Maastricht.

1995 January: Austria, Finland and Sweden join the Union, bringing membership to 15.

The Ecu has some characteristics of a real currency and is used in travellers’ cheques and bank deposits.

ERM gives national currencies a central exchange rate against the Ecu.

June: in a referendum, Denmark votes against ratification of Maastricht Treaty.

1993 January: Single European Market enters into force.1963 General de Gaulle declares that France doubts the political will of the UK to join the Community.1965 The Treaty merging the executives of the three Communities (ECSC, EEC, Euratom) is signed in Brussels; enters into force on July 1, 1967. 1972 Referendum in Norway on joining; majority votes against.Calls for major changes in the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), "fairer methods of financing the Community budget" and solutions to monetary problems.December: the Community’s heads of state or government decide to hold meetings three times a year as the European Council, agree direct elections to the European Parliament, resolve to set up the European Regional Development Fund and establish economic and monetary union.May: the European flag, adopted by Community institutions, flown for the first time in front of the Berlaymont building, HQ of the Commission in Brussels. 1990 European Council held in Rome launches two Intergovernmental Conferences, one on Economic and Monetary Union, the other on Political Union.

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