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You’re never going to find a Viognier that’s sharp and zesty.But if you like the sound of a white wine that tastes of sun-kissed peaches and apricots and is perfect for toasting the last mellow rays of golden summer, Viognier should be top of your list.And before anyone asks, no it’s not about forcing yourself to date someone that you have no interest in, but it is about making sure that you’re not setting yourself up to fail and/or repeating unhealthy patterns.

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It is fascinating that so many people are hung up on instant attraction, instant chemistry, instant spark, and basically this illusion of instant knowledge about a person that they either haven’t even met in the flesh or don’t even know.

These very same people will protest that they ‘can’t’ go on a date with someone and will find it unlikely that their attraction and interest will grow, if they don’t feel it immediately.

Out in the real world, you go on first dates and if you don’t feel a ‘spark’ and a ‘connection’, are immediately or by the end of the date, mentally saying “Sayonara” and bracing yourself to continue your quest.

Or you feel disheartened that you still haven’t met that ‘someone’ with that ‘spark’…that you can also actually manage to have a relationship with.

Flabby’ and ‘soft’ are some of the more printable insults hurled at Viognier.

This much-maligned grape is often criticised for the very qualities that are the keys to its splendour.

What you glean in a moment or in a date, isn’t ‘all’ that you know.

This is the same issue that arises when you meet someone who possesses certain physical characteristics that float your boat along with other qualities, characteristics and apparent values and you over-correlate the information and assume that they not only possess other characteristics, qualities, and values that you like, but that they’ll also give you the relationship you want.

Now tell me, does your relationship history look like the fruits of telepathy?

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