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INFJs are much different than SP personality types, but this doesn’t mean that they can’t have fulfilling relationships with individuals who prefer sensing and perceiving.

SPs are drawn to INFJs because of their thoughtfulness and depth, and INFJs are attracted to SPs because of their enthusiasm and spontaneity.

The term “opposites attract” couldn’t be truer for relationships between these types.

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As far as the 4-letter type preferences go, INFJs and ESTPs have not one in common.

This can lead to misunderstandings and frustrations within the relationship.

The differences between the INFJ and the ESFP are both what attract these opposites to each other and what can potentially pull them apart.

INFJs and ESFPs can share a deep emotional connection.

Instead of communicating this frustration, the INFJ may keep it bottled up until it becomes a much bigger issue resulting in a heated argument.

INFJs and ESFPs need to agree to talk about frustrations early on to avoid this type of scenario from happening too often.

However, it can also lead to personal growth, as these types can expose each other to different ways of viewing the world.

ESTPs and INFJs actually share the same top four functions, just in an opposite order.

In fact, they might have a hard time understanding what they’re feeling at first and need time to process when frustrated.

This may make the INFJ want to dive into the role of therapist, but it’s not healthy for the INFJ to constantly attempt to analyze their partner’s emotions or lack thereof.

The INFJ can help the ESTP develop their Introverted Intuition, while the ESTP can help the INFJ develop their Extroverted Sensing.

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