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I’m sure my mum would not have been that forward about any advances or in fact very receptive, I’m sure she would think it was wrong and disgusting.

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“Hi mum, you all set” I asked “It’s Becky to you young man this week remember” she replied “But, yes I’m doing great thanks, really looking forward to it” “You look after her son!

“ Dad said forcefully “She’s bought a new dress for the posh event this evening and she looks hot, you’ll have to guard her for me! “No problem dad, I’ll do my best, they’ll probably mostly be maths geeks anyway so don’t think you have too much to worry about” I reassured him.

The story starts just after I won a university award in my field of maths (sounds boring I know! Anyway, as the university advised me of my winning presentation they told me the prize I had won. They advised me that the trip was for 2 people as I would not know anyone there as it was for the other winners around Europe and other universities.

I was ecstatic and accepted the trip there and then and gave my girlfriends name as the other guest.

“aww, Luke, I’d love to go to Paris, plus I’d love to be there to see you collect your award, you know we’re both very proud” Mum challenged “Plus, I’m not really that bothered about going to Paris son so you would be doing me a great favour if you help your mum see the sights” Dad continued “But this will be the first time I’m meeting lots of new people in the field I want to work in, it won’t look very professional or grown up if I am there with my mum!

” I complained “I would love to go with you mum but I would feel really embarrassed and awkward if they all knew you were my mum”.

We had a glass of wine on the plane that seemed to relax us both a little and following a short taxi ride we arrived at the hotel.

It looked really impressive from the outside and when we walked in the door it got better, really palatial with a grand stair case and huge chandeliers.

“That was really good of them to know who you were and have everything ready” mum said surprised “it’s like being a celebrity, I could get used to this young man” We walked into the room and it was almost like a suite, very well decorated, a huge bathroom, 4 poster bed and to top it all a bottle of champagne in the room on arrival.

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