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They have no effect on Scandinavian, Baltic and Finnic historical events in Scandinavia, Baltia or Finland, not exactly changing the course of known history.New information and details are welcome in the form of serious studies and findings.There is also no reason to write of superiority of Indo-Europeans, it clearly has no valid arguements for backup.

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So unless you think proto-Uralic originated in Finland (highly unlikely) and that the proto-Uralic peoples were very closely related with the proto-Indo-Europeans, I think you and Põhjamaalane should stop being ignorant, start making sense and accept the damn facts: These are only general and quite hypothetical models to suggest how the Indo-European languages may have expanded.

We may conclude this section by laying to rest one fallacy that has often appeared in the past.

Only on Polako's plots when he wants to show our common Mongoloid admix :) I you look at those pics showing now people from Moscow, you dont see even one Finnish-looking person.

edit I was wrong, there is some Finnish looking, but very few.

Corded Ware in Scandinavia and at the tip of Southern Finland has no evidence of language used, afaik there is no evidence of any IE language.

‘Aryan Manifest’ and ‘Aryan superiority’ say what is behind these peculiar theories.

Your rant, that ‘Scandinavians are unmodified Poles’ is as weird.

I have not seen Põhjamaalane make any more ignorant or unscientific claims than R1a and IE enthusiasts on this forum on daily basis. Clearly FU speakers still exist in Baltia as well as all over Russia despite of the state governed oppression (I would not call that IE, but uncivilized) and in the Volga area.

Could you please prove when exactly Finns have spoken IE before Finnic languages? Just to let you know also, that we allways have spoken other languages (non-IE and IE) all through our recorded history. So your comment to try to underestimate our language was a failure as well.

There's something special about R1a1a in the Southern Baltic region. Too much, in fact, relative to the R1a1a in Asia, to make it a latecomer in Europe.

So this begs the question if the Hittites (and Luwians etc.) were either completely wiped out with the death of Anatolian languages or if they only spread their language and not genes to Anatolia. The West Siberian R1a1 seems to be derived from the Sayan-Altay region and can be connected to the Samoyedic expansion.

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