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But before you run out to do some shopping, know this: Just as you don’t always buy something when you go shopping, not every date will result in a match and that’s ok!

Be respectful of each other and make sure to protect your heart along the way—“the one” could be waiting just around the corner!

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Spend a day or evening together listening to your favorite bands, discovering new artists, and do it all in bonafide festival style!

Think Bohemian princess meets grunge meets Stevie Nicks for your effortlessly chic festival ensemble.

First you take the shirt and lay it flat on a table.

Second you take a pair of scissors and cut the shirt under the armpit form seam to seam.

“Now, I always like to think about dating as shopping! She encourages us to consider the first date like a trip to a relationship boutique—you get to check out the fit, feel, and fabric of the person with whom you’re going out.

It’s a chance to find out how their goals, their tastes and personality mesh with yours.

While out on your date you want to look sexy, effortless, and feel comfortable all at the same time.

Here are some clothing items that will make you feel comfy while still looking gorgeous and sexy.

Some shorts and some cute shoes would be perfect for this! A man likes to be taken out on a date every now and then instead of having to do it all himself.

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