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More examples of generic views are available in some third party applications, or you could write your own as needed.certainly is useful, but Django’s generic views really shine when it comes to presenting views of your database content.

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Writing Web applications can be monotonous, because we repeat certain patterns again and again.

Django tries to take away some of that monotony at the model and template layers, but Web developers also experience this boredom at the view level. They take certain common idioms and patterns found in view development and abstract them so that you can quickly write common views of data without having to write too much code.

) The process is similar to the creating the index page, which we showed in the previous tutorial.

We'll still need to create URL maps, views and templates.

We can recognize certain common tasks, like displaying a list of objects, and write code that displays a list of There’s no question that using generic views can speed up development substantially.

In most projects, however, there comes a moment when the generic views no longer suffice.

Indeed, the most common question asked by new Django developers is how to make generic views handle a wider array of situations.

This is one of the reasons generic views were redesigned for the 1.3 release - previously, they were just view functions with a bewildering array of options; now, rather than passing in a large amount of configuration in the URLconf, the recommended way to extend generic views is to subclass them, and override their attributes or methods. If you find you’re struggling to implement your view as a subclass of a generic view, then you may find it more effective to write just the code you need, using your own class-based or functional views.

Another consideration is that the context data from class-based generic views will override data provided by context processors; see That’s a pretty simple example, but it illustrates the idea nicely.

Of course, you’ll usually want to do more than just reorder objects.

The main difference is that for the detail pages we'll have the additional challenge of extracting information from patterns in the URL and passing it to the view.

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