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Will saves Jake, only to realize that he'd been tricked.

There is something in the walls of the new house into which he and his parents move.

It turns out that his parents knew all along that there was a creature in the walls.

A hand snatches Jamie from her room and pulls her inside as she lets out a scream.

The next morning after a call from Nicole about what happened last night, Jamie soon finds that she is inexplicably blind as she can only see darkness upon waking up and can't find her glasses causing her to scream in horror.

They say that the ugly old creature called a klemit (Matt Phillips) causes good fortune and has a strong sweet tooth (and the old man who previously lived in the house died while dating a twenty-nine-year-old woman).

When Jeffrey threatens to tell people about it, his parents allow him to have a sleepover in their room while watching their flat-screen television.She is saved by another werewolf who might just be her father.Jamie (Linda Tomassone) is a lowly country club worker who has a crush on a member of the club named Zack (Ryan Mc Donell).She and her friend Nicole (Eve Harlow) come upon a mysterious thrift store called "The Raven's Chest" owned by a creepy blind woman named Abigail Raven (Emmanuelle Vaugier).In it, she sees a beautiful red dress that she regards as too expensive with it costing 0.00.Jillian (Madeline Carroll) is forced to face her fears in a creepy inn where the staff is keeping a secret.

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