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Es muy parecida a Tinder, con la diferencia de que acá las mujeres la llevan.

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It’s an abbreviated form of “pues” used to add emphasis.

piola = relaxed, calm, quiet bacán = perfect, very good, the best thing / person huevón / huevona = a whole book could be written about this very common word – it was once described as Chile’s best addition to the Spanish language, but long story short: it means something like “dude” cachar = to get it, to understand sth., it derives from the English word “to catch” - Cachai? gallo / galla = guy gringo / gringa = foreigner, usu. Used negatively, neutrally as well as positively guata = belly guagua = baby micro = local bus al tiro = immediately choro = cool, neat ya = okay la raja = amazing, excellent If you already got that far into “chileno” and there were no new words on the list for you, here is just the perfect book for you to understand his friends as well. Are you and your backpack going on an exciting trip and you would like to share your experiences?

Check out this pretty funny promotional video called “Chile is yours“: As I have spent almost two years living in Chile, I was able to make quite a few experiences with Chilean guys. photo by J Philipson Since English is not likely to get you very far with Chileans, here a few more Tips on vocabulary: pololo / polola = boyfriend / girlfriend (the Spanish word “novio/novia” means in Chile that you are already engaged!

So, if you are inspired to travel to Chile after watching this video and want to participate in the national past-time of lying around in public parks with your darling like in this photo… or if you already found your handsome Chilean but you struggle with some cultural / language problems, then continue reading carefully. ) Estoy pololeando = I have a boyfriend/girlfriend po = you will always hear that at the end of a phrase, but it doesn’t really mean anything.

Y si quieres mayor contacto, puedes comprar una membresía VIP desde $7.990 la que te permitirá no sólo enviar mensajes, sino también chatear y ver a quién le gustaste de vuelta.

Lo mejor de Datingchile es que, si quieres un sitio seguro y confiable, éste es tu lugar.

In about 4000km of coast offering the driest desert of the earth (the Atacama desert), a region called Lake District with volcanos, deep blue lakes and silent green forests and awe-inspiring Patagonia with its rain forests, fjords and glaciers, you might well find your very own piece of paradise.

But apparently that alone is not attracting enough tourists.

“De este modo se evita que entren perfiles falsos o personas que intentan exhibirse, buscamos hombres reales”, explicaron sus creadoras, Lucía Chávarri, ingeniera de telecomunicaciones, y Marta Nicolás, licenciada en ADE, a El

Además, la gran gracia de esta app es que, después de hacer “match” con algún hombre que te haya gustado, podrás comprobar cuántas conversaciones mantiene a la vez.

Hola, me llamo Victoria, tengo 22 años, soy masajista profesional, a la cual le apasiona mucho el sexo, me gustan los hombres adultos profesionales, qué quieran tener citas privadas, me gusta bailar en la cama, me gusta hacer oral, soy una rubia nalgona, ojos zarcos, pelo mono, con unos senos muy perfectos, puedo ser la amante de tus sueños, o la mujer de tus sueños mientras estás en la cama conmigo, llamame, mi amor, mi atención y mi cariño hará qué tengas la mejor pasión.

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