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The case could be taken to the European Court of Human Rights, which ruled a previous attempted ban on Jehovah’s Witnesses in Russia unlawful in 2010, but the court has no power to enforce its decisions and Russia could ignore any verdict.The British Government previously said it was “alarmed” by the ban and called on Vladimir Putin to uphold religious freedom.

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Consider joining our Ex-Jehovah’s Witness Worldwide Internet Meetup support group.! Her history with the Watchtower goes back over 100 years to the time of her great grandmother.

Her family followed the teaching of Russell and became special pioneers, putting in 150 hours a month in door to door ministry, traveling from town to town in the Midwest and showing his photodrama of creation.

Members have raised concern Russia’s ban will “give impetus to further acts of aggression”.

“Regardless of what negative consequences this decision brings, Jehovah's Witnesses will continue to act within the law to secure their rights and support their fellow worshippers in Russia who must bear the burden of injustice,” Mr Semonian said.

“The Russian government is intensifying its crackdown on religious freedom at home while also extending its repressive policies to neighbouring states.” Jehovah's Witnesses, who are known for door-to-door preaching and handing out literature, reject some of mainstream Christianity's core beliefs and have more than 8.3 million members around the world.

Stacks of booklets distributed by the local leader of a Jehovah’s Witnesses congregation Alexander Kalistratov.The Russian Orthodox Church, which enjoys close ties with the Kremlin and the patronage of Mr Putin, is the country’s largest religion, with followers representing around 41 per cent of the population.Who We Are – Ex-Jehovah’s Witnesses for Jehovah Many who are in the process of leaving the Watchtower organization or are thinking of leaving may not want to think about religion.A ban on Jehovah’s Witnesses is to come into full force in Russia after a court dismissed an appeal against the group’s classification as an “extremist” organisation.The British and American governments were among those raising human rights concerns over the prohibition, which will liquidate the group’s administrative centre near St Petersburg and 395 local religious organisations.He was sentenced to two years in prison by a Russian court of inciting religious hatred for distributing literature about his beliefs (Reuters) The US-based group has generated controversy for stances including its rejection of blood transfusions and opposition to military service, facing court proceedings in several countries.

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