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Yes, we do find small talk difficult and weird Name one EE diplomat. We do, however, posses a certain skill that helps us in these situations: we are very good at guessing what you're thinking.

This is because EE social interactions rely quite heavily on non-verbal cues from the other person.

What sets the West apart from us is that religion is an internal practice, since it's more about your personal relation to God or spirituality. Going to Church, praying, even crossing yourself when you heard something particularly stupid, these are and where habits, not actual signs of our own spirituality.

The change is good and bad, since as we have switched our lens from outside to inside, we've sort of ended up in a religious limbo: not as religious enough as we where behind the Iron Curtain, yet not as fully secular as the West.4. " No, I don't, and hopefully I never will need to (Insha'allah).

For example, I can't understand the language of any of my country's neighbors, yet if I go to Italy I can understand 80% of what I hear.

EE is an incredibly diverse place, most places in the world are (except Japan, but they make up for that with their weird pastimes). I know what you're thinking and, again, I don't speak Russian.

That's not to say we're bloody poor, even though many of us are, but all of us worry. Our parents grew up in communism, our grandparents grew up in the great conflict that was the Eastern front in WW2.

We've grown up with the firm belief that our lives can change at any moment, for the better or for the worse.

I'm not one to generalize, after all, chronic anxiety disorders are on the rise all over the world as people have to cope with modern problems.

But, without the intention of sounding like an orange-hued, Lil' Wayne wannabe, EE life is defined by the struggle and the hardships of our condition.

Issue that Hollywood got wrong number 1: Eastern European girls are sluts. You see, just as you probably have a fetish for perky Asian chicks of an ambiguous age or for Terrence-Howard-looking black dudes, Eastern European girls have their own fetish: financially stable and emotionally available Western dudes.

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