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Download PDF Bekaert, Geert, Campbell Harvey, and Robin Lumsdaine.

"Dating the Integration of World Equity Markets." Journal of Financial Economics 65 (2002): 203-47.

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The authors show that integration of emerging market economies into the world financial markets is generally followed by: a significantly larger and more liquid equity market; stock returns which are more volatile and more correlated with world market returns; a lower cost of capital; improved credit ratings; real exchange rate appreciation; and increased economic growth.

They find strong evidence of structural breaks in emerging equity markets, but no evidence of structural breaks in the world equity market.

However, these breaks do not always correspond very closely to the dates of official capital market reforms.

Bekaert, Harvey, and Lumsdaine conclude that "actual liberalization" may not be the prime driver of change.

There are many ways to circumvent capital controls, and thus to gain indirect access to financial markets, even when a market is technically closed to foreign investors.

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