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“When I send them the spoon theory explanation, they really seem to understand it more because I think it kind of puts it into visual perspective,” Ballvé said.

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In addition, it is believed that she had mononucleosis in the fall.

“What they think actually started it is mono, and they think I got it in September, but all the tests came back negative,” Ballvé said.

The family was told it would take two years to find the medications that work best, but they decided to take a faster route to speed up the process to determine the best course of action.

They evaluated the effectiveness of different medications and adjusted her daily regime as needed.

Hasan Abdallah, who is one of the leading POTS researchers.

The cardiologist confirmed the POTS diagnosis.“The average diagnosis time, I believe, is six years,” Ballvé said.

The nurse told her family it could be anything from Lyme disease to cancer or just something common.

Her diagnosis did not come until her fifth appointment with her primary care provider.

“Me, I got sick at the beginning of September and I got diagnosed by early November, so for me it was frustrating but wasn’t as long as some other people.”In most cases, it is difficult for doctors to determine what causes POTS.

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