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If a guy is interested in getting to know you better, he’ll want to engage you in conversation — even if it’s just over text.

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Says Argov, “A player will go for what’s quick, convenient and cheap—just like his intentions.” think you want to hear.

“If all he wants is sex, he’ll promise you things you haven’t even thought of yet,” says Argov.

Keeping his communiqués to emails and texts also allows him to steer the conversation towards sex, either subtly or overtly; he can be more forward than he would be in person or over the phone since he won’t have to deal with rejection directly.

Some guys inform girls about their disinterest in a relationship early on with remarks like “I’m not ready for a serious relationship yet.” It can be easy to think he’s just being honest and may eventually come around after he’s gotten to know you. “Some guys always have excuses as to why they can’t take the relationship to the next level,” says Sherry Argov, author of .

“I’ll ask random questions that get the conversation rolling,” he says.

“I just try to get to know the person as I’m talking to them.” While he may not be thinking about dating you yet, if he asks you genuine questions over text, he’s definitely trying to get closer to you. “The fact that he actually cares enough to write meaningful responses back to you means a lot,” says Shereen Jeyakumar, a sophomore at Florida Atlantic University.

“I’ll introduce girls I’m genuinely interested in to my guy-friends within two to three weeks of dating,” Jake explains.

“At that point I’m feeling comfortable enough with her to see what my friends think.” Don’t fret if you’ve passed the four-date mark and you haven’t yet met his mom, though.

” Sure, a little impatient enthusiasm is flattering, but if he’s truly into you, he’ll make plans in advance.

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