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These efforts include transnational crime and counterterrorism cooperation, natural disaster response, intervention and stabilisation, criminal justice assistance, governance capacity-building and development assistance.It considers the implications of the whole-of-government approach taken by the government, which draws upon the Australian Defence Force, Australian Federal Police, DFAT and other agencies.It is suggested that a number of factors, both historical and contemporary, must be taken into account before an attempt can be made to determine the extent to which urban man in the South Pacific is likely to develop into an urban industrial proletariat.

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Les descriptions publiées antérieurement sur les conflits sociaux dans cette région avaient tendance à se concentrer seulement sur la race, en grande partie parce que la stratification par race et par classe avaient tendance à coïncider.

Une telle approche empêcha une analyse de la structure fondamentale de la classe qui émergeait et la place des races et ethnies dans cette structure.

In 1999 SDSC's Emeritus Professor Paul Dibb coined the term 'arc of instability' to describe the island chain to the north of Australia, ranging from Indonesia through the Pacific islands to New Zealand.

Although this idea is contested, the Australian government consistently identifies this arc as the region from or through which a security threat to Australia could most easily be posed.

As a result, Australia is engaged in extensive efforts to support stability and security in this region, which is the site of the majority of Australia's military deployments, policing operations and development expenditure.

This course critically analyses the security challenges facing this arc, and the efforts Australia is taking to secure the region.

The importance of class analysis for explaining contemporary behaviour in the South Pacific is indicated by several developments in the early independence period, namely, the pressures of inflation, increasing rates of urbanization, and the localization of positions formerly held by expatriates.

This paper delineates tendencies in class formation and class conflict with special reference to Fiji and Bougainville.

It evaluates the interaction between Australian and local security responses, and the success of efforts to achieve mutually-beneficial partnerships between them.

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