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Would a good-looking person actually fall for an ugly one?What would happen when they actually saw one another? And if so, would that cause a rift in the space-time continuum that would destroy the universe?

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Following the now well-established reality template, "Dating in the Dark" takes place in a generic mansion that's decorated like an upscale Holiday Inn.

The unimaginatively handsome and utterly forgettable Rossi Moreale, serves as host, and as we're introduced to our six subjects, we see that he could just as easily be a contestant himself.

You think the mystery amuse bouche has goat cheese in it and your date tastes hummus. You’ll probably wonder what you look like handling things like steak (it’s pre-cut) and mashed potatoes, but it doesn’t matter.

Darkness gives us the liberty to sometimes become a version of ourselves that we've always wanted be.

With our judgments unsullied by the prejudices triggered by physical appearances, would true love be easier to realize?

"Dating in the Dark," a new reality show on ABC, purports to investigate this age old question by rounding up three single guys and three single girls, and then only allowing them to meet one another in the pitch black of a completely light-sealed darkroom." /Couples must choose whether personality is more important than looks -- and those who choose looks over personality aren't celebrated here.Still, physical attributes are frequently discussed as both a good and bad thing.A fair bit of kissing/making out (often during the dark-encounter scenes that are viewed via infrared camera) and sexual innuendo.Some conversations deal with levels of sexual experience. Parents need to know that this dating series -- in which men and women choose prospective partners without actually seeing what they look like -- has a fair bit of kissing/makingo ut and sexual innuendo (including discussions about looking “sexy” and some brief conversations about prior sexual experience).Rigidly holding the idea of his perfection in her mind, she spun anything she learned about him, no matter how creepy, into some redeeming quality.

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