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The resulting abstract painting will look modern -- and, hey, no one has to know you did it in the nude.3. A slow-paced walk in nature improves circulation and eases stress. See if you can identify the subtle flavor differences! Hide the smart phones and tablets; turn off the TV, and just talk.Make it more romantic by choosing a route with great lookout points -- they're perfect for taking breaks and stealing kisses! Here's a topic to get you started: Name something you're looking forward to teaching your baby.7. Carrying around extra weight, tying up loose ends at work, feeling anxious about giving birth -- you're under a lot of stress right now, and chances are your partner is feeling it, too. Get dressed up, have your main meal at home, then head to a fancy spot for something sweet.

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Find the best one near you, pack a picnic basket with delish food and drinks, and camp out under the stars while listening to great music with your new BFFs.

It’s Friday night down here in Houston, and the weather is just about perfect; although, for Houstonians, we’ll just about take any day that isn’t filled with 800% humidity and 95-plus degree temperatures.

Lots of fun, they have tons of games here & although we didn't go over & check it out closer. I had the Korean BBQ and my dad had the Mongolian Beef.

We saw a nice bar area with billiard tables & lots of tv's with sports on. It tasted like it could've came from the frozen food section at the grocery store.

Make an appointment for some much need relaxation and say, spa-ah! It will still feel like a full night out, and the bill won't eat into your future diaper budget.9. Hit your local open-air farmers' market for a basket of the freshest produce possible. Check out a dramatic production at your community theater or laugh yourself silly at the local comedy club.

Then whip up something delicious for dinner at home and dine in the backyard. You'll be amazed at how talented your neighbors are!

That being said, don’t take that as being “flashy” and think you have to drop a half-month’s pay just to impress your date.

The best route is to be creative, but don’t go overboard and pull them into something that they simply don’t believe in or agree with. Alright, let’s move on to those date ideas; that is after all why you’re here, right? Houston First Date Idea #1: Texas Renaissance Festival If you’ve got a day date planned, say for Saturday or Sunday afternoon, then a visit to the epic Texas Renaissance Festival might just be the best option in Houston for an awesome first date.

For example, do a little research: maybe you shouldn’t take your date to Fogo de Chao if he/she’s a vegetarian, or unless you both really love boozing, it probably isn’t a good idea to surprise your date with two tickets to the “name-your-theme-bar-crawl”. If you have attended this festival before, or better yet if you both have, then this may not be worth it, but if your date hasn’t, then there is a lot of potential here.

Please note that while this is a medieval festival, you are not required to dress up like the thousands of actors there.

Going to a wine tasting can get pricey, so recreate it at your place for a fraction of the price.

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