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As a gay man, I can offer you unthreatening and impartial advice. The first thing you have to understand about men is that when it comes to dating behaviour, men still have rather primitive hunter instincts.

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You might be wondering why you should be taking dating advice from a gay man rather than listening to your girlfriends. They'll make you feel better and tell you that it's not your fault you haven't got a man. I've read every dating guidebook from the past 20 years.

I've road-tested their theories, boiled them down to their best tips and looked for the advice that actually works. That gives me a great insight into the kinds of things a woman will experience when dating.

Too great a degree of availability doesn't do it for men.

After all, those mammoths didn't keep texting the men and popping up in their caves in miniskirts to say 'hi', did they? Men simply don't want the object of their desire to be offered to them on a plate.

Remember that on these early dates you're giving him an idealised version of you. Don't hand yourself over on a plate like a suckling pig! The good news is that you can kiss him on this date, so it's a fun one. Take him to a restaurant that you're reasonably familiar with, as this will help boost your confidence.

This date is the most important after the short, early 'qualifying' ones. You're investing a whole evening in him and him alone. You wouldn't arrange a vital business meeting in territory you haven't tested in advance, would you? No wandering eyes, please, no matter how cute the waiters are.Trust me, even if it's going brilliantly you must leave early. Be fussy and don't agree to just a drink at the pub.Think of yourself as being one of those preview ads on the History Channel. He'll love the preview and he'll want to tune in for the date.• Like I said, the trick is not to talk, it's to listen. Have you seen those Churchill Insurance ads with the dog - the one that nods all the time? As he blathers on about his work and himself and some childhood holiday in a caravan, just nod. Darling, you simply don't do pubs (you do chic cocktail bars).When peace returned, they were reluctant to return to their submissive roles.They burnt their bras, slept with whoever they wanted and announced they were free.Keep him on his toes: You may think that after dates one, two and three are out of the way, you can start sharing your duvet. At the end of it all, I've realised that the vast majority of single women haven't got a man because they say and do completely the wrong things in front of men. Gay men are almost like ancient Greek sibyls or fortune-tellers: we see both sides of the curtain, so we have a more rounded understanding of what's going on.

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