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What is most exicting for me is to have discovered few Soviet VVS and VMF pilots within my research area.One of them died in January 1944 while hit by a German sub after attempting to topedo with his A-20 a German ship.Stumbled upon this video yesterday, an amazing assortment of weapons, especially aircraft, all assembled in Moscow. The exhibition opened on 22 June 1943, on the second anniversary of the German invasion, and closed in October 1948.

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Note that the executable gets much bigger this way.

Here's a Russian website with scans of an original German manual. I think success also depended on these kinds of education materials.

The executable you created works on all x64 Linux computers that use the same version of lib X11 as you.

In order to make running the executable independent from the X11 version, add the "-static" flag to your linking command (in front, afaik).

Regards, Paul Interesting stuff and given the war was still ongoing.

Hello researcher111, I am glad you found these photos interesting.The aircraft are difficult to idenitify individually, you are right. 0034 according to Russian sources, perhaps Chris Goss can solve this particular mystery?Some more links that I have found are listed below, they include some close-ups of the various captured aircraft: large selection of still images and photographs from the Gorky park exhibition, including images of a Fw 190D-9 'Dora' and a Fw 200 group of photos, includes many images seen above quality but highly interesting photographs of a He 111 which was used by Soviet POWs to escape from Peenemnde - see summary of the story on Wikipedia Fw 190s on Jterbog airfield Wrecked aircraft with the Reichstag in the background Regards, Paul Paul Thank you for the feedback, since I speak and read fluent Russian , I was aware about these links , escpe story of Devitayev and other Soviet pilots who managed to escape by air, the show was footaged twice once in 1943 and again 1945.Da Worfster Originally posted by Worf101: Errr, what's with the pics of the hotties and nude etchings and such have to do with running a Panzer Tank?Da Worfster I think its saying things like 'Treat the Ammunition like you would treat your girl. Also setting up the sights for the correct size orf the target relating to distance.I couldn't identify any ME-109 of JG53 except this of JG 52 and an HE-111 of KG 27 .

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