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“Don’t be surprised if I am not who you were expecting,” he continued. He started talking about the BBC TV show , and said it was a good portrayal of grifting.

“You should check your initial thoughts or ideas as to what I am at the door.” “I will be as open-minded as I can,” I wrote. * * * The next morning, GM called me from a blocked number to apologize. ” he said, “I’m going out to dinner with my fiancé. Stuttering, I suggested meeting somewhere besides my apartment. “Don’t be late.” I was locking up my bike when I heard GM’s voice fifty feet away. ” he asked from the driver’s seat of his running car. I was relieved when we pulled up to a coffee shop about six minutes into the ride.

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He just tricked people out of money from time to time.

* * * I had wondered how GM finds his “dishonest” marks.

How ‘bout I pick you up after, and we go have that conversation? I considered it Phase 1 in not ending up in a ditch that night.

By the time he offered to buy me a coffee, I was pretty confident that GM wasn’t a serial killer.

When the “loser” leaves, the cashier reaches in the trash and claims the winning ticket. He enters a coffee shop and introduces himself, makes small talk. When GM’s sure the cashier knows it’s a $50, he orders a coffee. He told me that when he was young, the bank foreclosed on his father’s home because of a glitch with the mortgage.

But the state publishes the names of cashiers who have gotten caught pulling this stunt. He uses it to give them a taste of their own medicine. “When the cashier brings the order and looks at the in my hand, I quickly order something else, like a blueberry muffin.” Now that the cashier is sure GM will pay with a , he replaces it with the . Suddenly, GM, his father, mother and older sister were out on the street.

He kept GM out of it, not wanting to corrupt his youngest child, but the boy kept his ears open.

He learned the Pigeon Drop, he said, over family dinner. Big, brass, outrageous, like, no-problem-pick-pocketing-a-cop balls.” He says he’s scared of her.

She was gone before she was needed for questioning. She’s a natural deceiver, and everyone’s a potential sucker, even their own father.

She pulled one con where she pretended to enroll in a local college.

It’s important that they develop their own ideas about you, rather than hearing them from you.

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