Dating bad credit

Following the financial crisis, the site experienced a surge in membership and a decline in the average age of members.” “Instead of entering your likes and dislikes, the site has users enter their credit scores,” explained WWMT in a report on the site.“Based on its algorithms and matches, the dating site says the credit score is 92-percent accurate.” The dating site offers five tiers of account type, ranging from a limited free account to a 9.99 “elite card member” account.

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Of course it’s important to get to know a little bit about someone while dating, but asking for a credit score on the first date, is it me or does that just seem a bit tacky?

Why not cover all the bases and make the interview complete before the waiter arrives with the final check?

But let’s be realistic, bad credit scores happen to good people.

Unexpected job losses, medical catastrophes, and crushing student debts hamper even the most conscientious among us. BMWK: Do you think asking for a credit score is necessary in today’s dating scene? At what point in your relationship did you ask your spouse about finances, STDs, potential jail sentences, and other sensitive topics?

If a person is irresponsible with their money, how responsible are they going to be in a marriage, a potential spouse argues?

Some even claim the divorce rate is so high because we don’t properly vet our potential mates. Why not do a little investigation into a potential mate first?

A poor credit score is often considered a sign of bad decision making.

Employers seem to think so, as do insurance companies who base their employment decisions and insurance rates on credit scores.

It was the perfect date, or so Jessica La Shawn thought.

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