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d) Any charge over and above the stated prize shall have to be borne by the Winners themselves including without limitation travelling, prize collection/delivery charges etc. Winner shall have to bear all incidental costs, if any, that may arise such as transportation costs for the fulfilment of the prize.

f) All applicable taxes/ duties/ levies including service tax or applicable gift taxes on winning the prize shall be borne by the Winner. wherever applicable, shall be done by Times Internet in accordance with the Income Tax Act, 1961 or as any other law as applicable before disbursement of Prize.

d) Times Internet reserves the right at any time without prior notice to modify all or any of these terms and conditions or replace, wholly or in part, the Contest’s rules and gratifications if any or withdraw this Contest altogether.

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Participation or submission of entry in the Contest shall be deemed acceptance of the T&C by the Contestant. Definitions a) Contest means the Super Judge Contest conducted by Times Internet Limited, where the Contestant must vote for the top three positions according to his/ her choice for the coveted title and if the vote of such Contestant matches with the Final Results of Miss Diva event, then the winning Contestant shall become the Winner.

b) Contestant means a participant who is eligible and chooses to participate in the Contest.

No correspondence in this regard shall be entertained.

e) Contestant expressly agrees and acknowledges that Contestant uses the service at its sole risk and responsibility.

Any failure by Times Internet to perform its obligations will be excused to the extent such performance is prevented due to reason of force majeure such as acts of God, explosion, labour dispute, failure of utilities, governmental interference or any other act or condition beyond the reasonable control of Times Internet.

Times Internet shall not be liable for compensating for any financial loss arising out of such circumstances.

h) The Contestant hereby agrees and undertakes not to hold Times Internet and/or or any of their group entities or affiliates, their respective directors, officers, employees, agents, vendors, responsible for or liable for, any actions, claims, demands, losses, damages, costs, charges and expenses that the Contestant may/might have suffered, sustained or incurred, or claims to suffer, sustain or incur, by way of and /or on account of participation in the Contest.

i) All other standard Terms & Conditions mentioned on the Website would apply.

All the three should be correct to be become Winner d) Answers once submitted cannot be changed or updated.

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