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5 "Pineapple Bitters" - These familiar shaped bottles are very popular with collectors for obvious reasons and this is an exceptional example. The base has a large (1.5" in diameter) and quite distinct pontil scar - a circular "disk" pontil scar which is an unusual pontil style for these bottles..unusual on American manufactured bottles for that matter.This is the earlier example made from the same mold that was used for either the W & Co / N. Click base view to view this light but distinct pontil scar.

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These used to be virtually unobtainable and rarely seen, though due to a couple small caches of them being found some years back (Nevada & Oregon reportedly) there are a few around now...including this excellent example.

(If you are looking for one of these you likely know the stories better than I.) These bottles date from only 1869 according to Wichmann's great "Antique Western Bitters Bottles" book (and the Wilson's 1969 classic) who listed them as valued at "$3000 to $7000" in the various shades of amber (the unique light citron green example was unknown at that time).

The glass is a very pleasing medium golden amber with a bit of a yellow tint; great window bottle (which is where it resides here until sold).

It is essentially pristine with no chips, cracks, or other post-production staining to my eye, even under a bright lamp.

That is why we are here to take that stress away, and help you in a painless, honest, timely manner. There is some doubt if they were ever actually filled with beer.

Our appraisal services are completely free, and all your info will be kept in complete confidence. Not much is known about these cans, other than they all come from the same marketer. If you have any relevant info regarding their origins, I'd like to hear from you.

We have been collecting for over 35 years,so there is little we haven't seen in those years. I was able to add the Number 83 can to the group this year. I'm still missing some, so if you have any for sale or trade please contact me.

We can help you with not only Beer cans, but virtually every other beer related items you have. We are also knowledgeable in old Soda cans, and related items as well. Like all other Antiques and Collectibles condition is paramount in establishing values. For example a rare can in perfect condition ( like you just bought it today ) has a value of let's say 00.00.

) within the glass in the neck and upper shoulder which is a cool reminder of the primitive methods still being used in bottle/glass making at the time. ) except with the embossing "slugged out" or more accurately stated, with no engraved plate inserted in place of the blank mold plate.

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