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When you’re triggered by bad breath, the last thing you want is your guy pulling you in for a longer, deeper kiss. Let’s be clear: Offering your new date a mint isn’t going to cut it.

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True, dealing with these issues takes a little technique, so I’ll share a few tricks that will make life with your new beau a lot more enjoyable!

Putting things into context always helps to make things more manageable.

Conclusion: If you are truly committed to finding a good long-term relationship, letting someone go because of bad breath, kissing, or style would actually be self-destructive.

These three annoyances are often called deal breakers by many men and women, but there will always be some negative factor with anyone you date.

) When kissing her is like kissing a washing machine…

Bad kissing is the easiest of these annoying problems to fix because every couple, at first, must deal with the kissing-style issue.

And Jennifer isn’t alone in this behavior, because scores of women young and old tell their guys how to dress.

When it comes to style suggestions, it’s usually the woman telling the guy how to dress.

In the beginning of the relationship, there’s so much anxiety and anticipation that the littlest things can actually feel like the most important factors in the world.

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