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This priceless dark green figurine has graced my meditation room bookshelf for 6 years without toppling.This was also the first figurine that I officially catalogued in our collection.

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There are no tooling or impact marks on this stone, signifying it was saved by ancient Indian for its appearance, not utility.

Red jasper It is mans curse and salvation to resolve the question of existence to perimeter the vast, endless nature of consciousness - and free ourselves from ourselves.

Kneeling with hair tied into side-buns, this strong female image most certainly appealed to many Stone Age men just as it appeals to many modern men today.

The mother principle has a powerful healing effect so this was probably representative of a medicine woman. It's unbelievable that these figurines were made when camels (favorite), horses, lions etc. Richard, OHGenerally, shamanism is a world-scale faith of diverse sects and various practices.

I don't think there is another collection in the world like yours.

Richard, OH"Although a shaman can achieve religious status by heredity, personal quest, or vocation, the recognition and call of the individual is always an essential part of that individual's elevation to the new status.

And indeed, in many parts of China the worship of ancestral spirits is still practiced.

The ancient sect of Bn shamanism in Tibet still flourishing today, but with a strong Buddhist flavor, reflects just how widespread and adaptable this religion has been.

Rare amethyst metaquartzite head and hips, hornblende breast, 3 parts.

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