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One of the things that made MGonz successful was the element of surprise.

Users of a CGI script Eliza expect to be talking to a program.

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Some coverage of AOLiza: Finally, I wrote the program when I was 18.

Some of the more conservative Web filtering programs would regard that as a minor and hence would have denied me the right to look at my own creation! So where does this name come from, people have asked.

In 1995 I finally got around to setting up this page to tell everyone about it.

MGonz is finally written up as a book chapter: Humphrys, Mark (2008), "How my program passed the Turing Test", Chapter 15 of Parsing the Turing Test: Philosophical and Methodological Issues in the Quest for the Thinking Computer, Robert Epstein, Gary Roberts and Grace Beber (eds.), Springer, 2008.

In 2000, AOLiza returned to the element of surprise on the AOL Instant Messenger system.

Like my program, and unlike the Loebner test, users do not expect to be talking to a machine.I'd love to link from here to the real, Spanish MGONZ, but I'm afraid for the moment, he is lost somewhere out there in the ether. It has now spawned the name of a fictional person/bot "Liz" Gonzales (a combination of "Eliza" and "MGonz") in a story by Jon Camfield.He also seems to have misread the first name as "Matthew" and named another character "Mateo" after it.See his Markov chain approach, where he got the program to learn (in multiple languages! I think the success of my MGonz is mainly due to its obscenity and relentless aggression.Cleaning it up would severely weaken the conversation.05/02/89 :5 * ah type something interesting or shut up 05/02/89 From SOMEONE at DRAKE: you type slow is that why you have all those stupid 05/02/89 :4 sayings on command like that last one?

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