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Designing and implementing a Global Youth Forum for Wildlife and People at CITES.

Designing and implementing an organizational health assessment tool to provide data-driven insights on key institutional governance and structure, operations, branding, and programmatic impact factors.

Providing recommendations for improved organizational health. Testing and developing an NRDC specific planning and evaluation toolkit aligned with budgeting and financial processes for maximum impact.

As part of a series of case studies related to WWF supported marine initiatives across the Coral Triangle region, this case study development involved a thorough review of support activities implemented to date, and assessment of challenges, achievements and lessons learned.

The Indonesia Sustainable Ecosystems Advanced (SEA) Project is a five-year program that supports the Government of Indonesia to conserve biological diversity and improve the governance of marine resources at local, district, provincial and national levels.

Our full portfolio of assignments is shown below (by year).

Or you can view our experience by our key sectors of focus: Team Lead – providing a framework, guidelines, and advice for all team members of the project; developing methodology for data collection and analysis; coordinating the collection of data; reviewing and improving inputs; reviewing team members reports; and responsible for final report production.Participation in 6-monthly supervision missions to evaluate progress and recommend improvements.Technical areas include fisheries co-management; mariculture livelihoods; national governance framework & legislation; monitoring, control & surveillance; stock assessment and fisheries management planning. Supporting ‘Women in Engineering: Timor-Leste’ to create a better future through activities including: outreach to high schools and universities, mentoring integrated with Engineering Without Borders (EWB) Timor-Leste; networking with NGOs in Timor-Leste in supporting activities in technical and gender equality.The State of the Sea product will be in the form of a publication (in volumes) that ‘tells the story’ of the heart of Eastern Indonesian seas.It will be an output of the USAID Sustainable Ecosystems Advanced (SEA) that supports the Government of Indonesia (GOI) to improve the governance of fisheries and marine resources and to conserve biological diversity at local, district, provincial, and national levels.Technical areas include national governance framework & legislation; priority fisheries research; establishing fisheries information system (FIS); fisheries management planning; fisheries co-management; monitoring control & surveillance; blast-fishing; value addition; fisheries sector infrastructure.

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